The Future May Soon Be Here with Artificial Intelligence for Chicago Luxury Homes

We’ve all had these days: Returning home after too many hours in the office or on the road, hungry for dinner but lacking the energy to actually cook something. If only there were a machine that could do it for you…

Those days could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the June oven. Equipped with a camera and wi-fi, this artificially intelligent oven can not only cook that night’s dinner to your liking, but identify what it is you want to cook to begin with, set itself accordingly and alert your device when done. This machine-learning technology could very well be the next big thing to bring ultra-luxury to Chicago real estate.

I like to keep abreast of the most exciting luxury home trends, and the possibility of artificial intelligence in the high-end home is certainly one. From apps to dimmers to auto-everything, there is no shortage of gadgets and features available in the luxury home. And once the AI technology is perfected, I have no doubt that this could be a staple of luxury kitchens, just like the wine cellar, movie theater, and basketball court.

The June oven may at first sound like an unnecessary extravagance, but in an article by the Wall St. Journal, the technology was mostly praised for its restaurant-quality meals, from salmon to roasted vegetables to chocolate chip cookies. And the convenience can’t be denied—fitted with a scale for weighing servings, a camera that streams to your device, even heat distribution, a touch screen, a probe to test temperature and more, this oven practically lets you abandon the stand-by of cooking dinner all together.

These are the types of “wow factors” that go a long way in luxury real estate. Here are a few other ways artificial intelligence is changing the way we live in our homes.

  • Nvidia has taken virtual assistance to the next level. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company introduced its Spot mics: tiny, subtle mics with artificial intelligence that are wired into the walls of a home and could be the next thing in creating a truly integrated smart home.
  • Moen has introduced smart showers in its U Shower System, which allows you to control the heat of your shower via your wifi device.
  • LG brought “deep learning technology” to kitchen appliances at this year’s CES, including a memory-enabled robot vacuum, smart and predictive HVAC systems and washing machines that adjust based on the types of clothing being washed.

Whether you’re in the market for Chicago real estate or not, I think its important (for myself and for readers!) to stay on top of the cutting-edge products that are becoming available in today’s homes. Tomorrow’s luxuries are becoming more and more functional, and will play a big role in what is considered high-end real estate in the years ahead.

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Differentiate Your Chicago Luxury Home with a Bathroom Spa

In today’s real estate market, most luxury buyers are looking for a turnkey property—that is, the only work needing to be done before move in is turning the key. My clients are generally looking for a home that doesn’t require significant work, but also one that differentiates itself from other homes in the market.

If you’re considering selling your home or even thinking about your home’s resale value, I encourage you to take a look at various home trends to get a feel for what is important to buyers. Ensuring that your home has a “wow” feature will help it stand out on the market as buyers shop and compare one home to another. Features like these are what help a property sell quickly, particularly in the luxury market.

One trend that’s currently luring in high-end buyers? An upscale master bath that rivals a luxe spa.

The modern-day WC is no longer simply a functional space, but a relaxing place to retreat at the end of the day. It’s not just about upgraded finishes and additional square footage. Today’s luxury bath means a number of bells and whistles that turn utility into tranquility, right in your own home.

Kohler, whose showroom you can find inside Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, offers a number of innovative products that take bathroom design to the next level, including:

via Kohler

via Kohler

A step up from the traditional whirlpool tub, the BubbleMassage Tub surrounds the bather in tiny bubbles that can be zoned and intensified to specific areas of the body. An optional chromatherapy feature radiates a soothing color palette into the water.

Kohler's Moxie Showerhead fits a wireless speaker to add a sound to your shower.

Kohler’s Moxie Showerhead fits a wireless speaker to add a sound to your shower.

Shower accouterments like shower heads and body sprays get the ultimate tech upgrades with a digital showering system that integrates water, steam, sound and light with touch-screen controls.


Left: Kohler’s Numi Toilet; Right: Kohler’s Veil Toilet

Kohler’s Numi Toilet features a sleek white-box exterior, with a touch-screen remote, hands-free opening and closing, bidet functionality, built-in speakers, heated seat and more. Or if you’re more focused on aesthetics, the Veil Toilet is mounted to the wall for a clean, modern look.

A bath remodel can really run the gamut in price–anywhere from a few thousand dollars to well into the hundreds of thousands, depending on the level of luxury you’re going for. But focusing on an area like this that is important to buyers could have a big payoff when it’s time to sell your home.

Houzz has a list of great things to think about if you’re considering your own bath remodel. Even if you have no immediate plans to buy or sell, it’s important for home owners to know what the most-desired features are among luxury buyers. That way, if you’re wanting to undertake a home project, you can consider what room or space or upgrade might be the best investment for your property—not to mention enjoying yourself along the way.

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Up the ‘Wow’ Factor with a One-Stop Coffee Shop in your Chicago Luxury Home

Will that be a grande or venti? It's easier than ever to create a one-stop coffee spot in your luxury home. Here: The TopBrewer from Scanomat, which can be controlled through a smartphone app.

When it comes to luxury real estate in Chicago, it seems the next big thing is always right around the corner—a smarter home technology, the trend du jour, or a device that promises to take luxury living to the next level.

With home amenities evolving quickly, a walk-in closet or hardwood floor doesn’t quite cut it if you’re looking to evoke the “ooohs” and “aaahs.” I’m finding more and more that my clients are looking for the wow factor, not only to make a purchase worth their dollars but also to ensure a healthy resale value down the line. When they’re shopping for a luxury home, there almost certainly has to be something that induces a surprise-and-delight reaction.

The kitchen space is especially en vogue with new homebuyers or clients who are contemplating building a new luxury home. Lately, the spotlight has been on one very specific kitchen feature: anything and everything to upgrade your morning cup of Joe.

Having a one-stop coffee shop in your own kitchen can single-handedly differentiate a property from others like it. Manufacturers are creating espresso machines that fit seamlessly into upscale kitchens, with remote features and advanced technology that make a morning routine more luxurious. Here’s a look at some of what’s out there, as recently highlighted by the Wall St. Journal:

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine by AEG Appliances
Cost: $2,999
This home espresso system has two pour spouts for simultaneous serving—a great option for those who entertain or host often. It can brew up to four servings in one cycle, and is kept warm in a thermal coffee pot.

CM210 from Gaggenau
Price: $3,249
This German coffee system includes an LED clock and timer that can easily be pre-programmed. But its showstopper feature is a self-cleaning system, various grind functions and a matching drawer that keeps coffee cups warm.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine from Thermador
Price: $2,549
This coffeemaker may completely eliminate the need for a coffee shop around the corner. It produces six grind options and 12 drink sizes, with a steam wand that froths milk and dispenses hot water for tea or other drinks.

Whole Bean Coffee System by Miele
Cost: From $3,199
This modern home espresso machine includes a high-power grinder for consistent granule sizes and to preserve bean oils. Several grind options ensure that coffee is best suited for the drink type.

TopBrewer from Scanomat
Cost: $10,999
Remote features are becoming huge in the kitchen, and this Danish coffee system can be controlled by mobile devices through an app. A single stainless-steel tap doubles as a self-cleaning milk foamer, and the device can product traditional coffee, espresso drinks and cold beverage. It also includes a cabinet hidden below the counter surface that includes a commercial-grade grinder and refrigerator unit.

You can see that differentiating a kitchen in Chicago real estate doesn’t necessarily come cheap–these in-home devices can carry a hefty price tag. But because buyers are hunting for the next big thing, it is built-in features like this that they get excited about a property. So investing in new and alluring features can be worth it in the end.

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