Relocating to Chicago from the United Kingdom

Chicago is an amazing city to live in, and it is becoming a more international city with people relocating to Chicago from around the world, including various parts of Europe such as the United Kingdom.  If you currently live in the U.K. and you’re planning to purchasing Chicago real estate and/or relocate to the city, start by exploring the various neighborhoods.

One of the best reasons to live in Chicago is the impressive architecture – not only are you surrounded by stunning sky scrapers, modern homes and condos, and elegant vintage townhomes and midrises, you could even make an world class building such as the Trump Tower your home.  After all, compared to New York and California, high end properties in Chicago cost considerably less with luxury real estate starting under $750.00 per square foot.  On the contrary, similar homes in New York or San Francisco start at $2500.00 per square foot.

Trump Tower: Luxury Chicago condos in the heart of the city.

Trump Tower: Luxury Chicago condos in the heart of the city.

Of course, relocating across from the England, Scotland, or Wales to the United States can be a very overwhelming and a difficult task.  Therefore, when starting the relocation process, working with an experience Chicago real estate agent who understands the unique issues of moving to Chicago from Europe is essential, as well as following these helpful tips:

Make Connections: While you decide to make the move, you need to build an American credit history. Apply for credit cards – you will need credit to be able to even start the process of buying your Chicago condo.  Also, apply for your green card, social security card, and open an account at United States bank. Make sure to ask any questions; after all, banks, the post office and of course immigration officials are here to help fulfill your needs and questions and to help make the process of relocation as smooth as possible.  You may have to rent a place for a time when you first move to the U.S. to create a credit history here.

Read: Go to your local book store to pick up travel guides, maps, and even Chicago newspapers. Researching your new home it a great way to discover places, and to learn about the local culture and where you might want to live.

Real Estate: Like what you see and what Chicago has to offer? Once you have established credit and residency it is now time to start checking out the local real estate scene, choose a Chicago real estate agent, and find the perfect Chicago home.

Explore: Once you have chosen your Chicago home, take a few days to explore your new surroundings. You can visit some of Chicago’s many great museums, do some sight-seeing, shopping, and sample the local restaurants – and most importantly, enjoy the best the Windy city has to offer, starting with the amazing luxury homes.