Dressing Up Chicago Real Estate With Custom Window Treatments

Joe Rice Interiors

My own custom window treatments from Joseph Rice Interiors.

Many buyers of Chicago condos fall in love with a unit in a high-rise building that offers sweeping views of the lake and city through expansive windows. Such a wonderful panorama is certainly a dream!

But even with an impressive view, most homeowners realize quickly that window treatments are a must, whether it’s for privacy, managing sunlight and temperature, the decor, or all three. Joseph Rice is in the top of his class in creating stunning, cost-minded window treatments in Chicago.

It is rare that I recommend people for ancillary services, but Joe’s work has been so pivotal in perfecting many properties, including my own and some of my clients. I continue to be captivated by the treatments he did in my own home (see above) and the feedback that I have received from my clients has been equally complimentary.

Knowing Chicago Real Estate
What sets Joe apart from other window treatment firms is his knowledge of the different types of properties in Chicago and what will or will not work in certain situations. He considers the architecture of each unique space, having worked in numerous Chicago houses and condos. Some his favorite buildings are 55 East Erie, 30 West Oak and 150 West Superior. Joe also listens to the wants and needs of his clients and uses his experienced expertise to make suggestions, starting with that is the most practical for the homeowner.

“I very much adhere to ‘form follows function,'” Joe says. “Window treatments have to function daily. The look is the icing on the cake”.

Joe’s initial meeting with a new client is not unlike my own meeting with a Chicago real estate buyer. He starts with an in-depth interview to discuss the homeowner’s lifestyle, color palette, taste and budget. Based on this discussion, he will put together several ideas and bring back hand-selected fabric samples form the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, where he has access to over 30 fabric houses. Whether the look is modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic, Joe works with each client’s style to find fabrics and hardware that will complement the style of the room.

Attention To Detail
Joe knows how to work with clients who have the most discriminating tastes. He explains every detail to avoid any surprises for the client. He will go over seemingly small details such as pleating, hardware and even the stitching of the fabric.

Joe and his installer (who has worked with him for 12 years) both carefully review the measurements to make sure of an exact fit. The staff who fabricates the draperies use old world, meticulous craftsmanship and have more than 40 years of experience in the business.

When it comes to installation, Joe also stands apart in that he doesn’t send the installer out on the job alone. He is there as well, ensuring that every detail comes together, that the client’s requirements have been met, and that they are pleased with the results.

With more that 25 years of experience in creating custom window treatments, Joe guarantees all of his work. Tackling challenges such as suspended tracks, automated track systems, draperies over 2 stories long, detailed valances and other “hard-to-treat” windows have been among his many successes.

To learn more about window treatments for your Chicago home or Chicago condo, I would be happy to introduce you to Joseph Rice.

You can contact him at jos.riceinteriors@att.net or visit his website at www.josephriceinteriors.com.

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