Chicago Real Estate in Trump Tower Comes with a Lifestyle

Chicago condos in Trump Tower

Chicago condos in Trump Tower offer one of the most exclusive lifestyles in the city.

Beautiful views, top-notch amenities, ample square footage…in the market for luxury Chicago real estate, these are relatively easy to find. But in today’s market, potential buyers are looking for more than just a great space—they’re looking for a way of life that comes with it, and one that is exclusive to residents of a particular building.

Today’s luxury real estate buyers are looking for a building that comes with a lifestyle, and one that can’t be duplicated elsewhere. The more unique and exclusive, the better: from grand-scale features like generous space and state-of-the-art amenities to details like the way you’re greeted the second you set foot inside or the 24/7 availability of staff to cater to your needs.

A building’s unique features will not only enhance the lives of its residents, but I’ve found that the more distinctive and special a building’s offerings are, the more likely it is that the resale value will increase in the future. An exclusive building that offers the most luxurious amenities and features is timeless, and potential buyers will continue to want to be a part of that lifestyle for decades to come.

Some Chicago real estate buildings exude a luxury lifestyle like no other—one of those is Trump Tower.

Luxury Lifestyle in Trump Tower Chicago Condos
Open since 2008, Trump Tower is one of the more recent Chicago new construction buildings and in an ideal location in downtown Chicago. Based a slowdown in new construction with high building costs, it’s unlikely that a building like Trump will be duplicated in the future.

What sets Trump Tower apart from other Chicago real estate options is that it’s not just a piece of property. Owning a Chicago home inside an exclusive building like this means residents are treated as elite guests around the clock. A day at the pool in Trump Tower means just that—spending it poolside, while lunch can be ordered and bought directly to you. Dinner parties are taken up a notch with in-home catering. Even pets are treated like royalty with a private dog park that includes everything for four-legged friends.

I’m currently working with a client looking at Trump Tower property for $3.5 million. When we visited the building to see the various units that are available, both of us couldn’t help but notice the wonderful attention to detail throughout the building, from the lobby to the finishes in each unit. We both also noted how quiet it was—overlooking downtown and the Chicago River, the city bustles below Trump Tower day in and day out, but the residences are calm and peaceful.

Chicago condos in Trump Tower are available in all sizes, including penthouses, all with the same lifestyle included. Studios begin at $385,000; one-bedrooms at $503,000, two-bedrooms from $790,000 and three-bedrooms starting at $2.5 million. To visit Trump Tower and see available units firsthand, give me a call at 312-264-5853 or email me at

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