Chicago Real Estate Blogging: Most Popular & Useful Blog Posts

Despite the fact that I have been blogging about Chicago real estate since 2007, I have yet to do a round up of my most popular and useful blog posts – so without further ado, here are some of my (and my audience’s) favorite posts on my Chicago real estate blog.

*Information on buying a Chicago townhome, including potential resale value and how an attached garage will affect the total square footage of living space.

*This post covers how Chicago real estate agents earn commissions and incentives for selling Chicago condos and homes.

*Learn how significant a part the internet plays when it is time to sell your Chicago home.

*A guide to purchasing duplex down condos in 3 flats or 6 flats.

*Discover why due diligence is essential when you are purchasing new construction – read the developer’s property report!

*Choosing a mortage broker for your Chicago real estate purchase.

*Getting the most bang for your Chicago real estate buck with a duplex condo purchase.

*Choosing the right home: Chicago condos vs. Chicago co-ops.

*Purchasing a Chicago foreclosure: due diligence is essential.

*On a more positive note, here is my list of Chicago real estate that architects and designers enjoy.

*And last but certainly not least, my new construction checklist contains eighteen essential items to consider before you purchase Chicago new construction.

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